With the Pollet Group XPRT Program, we are training the next generation of water, pool, medical XPRTS. At the start of your career, you will be immersed in a pool of knowledge and experience. Young or old? Local or International? New to the industry or an experienced rookie? We’ll get you well versed in our organization and make you fit in effortlessly with the other 2000 XPRTS from 17 countries. Start your career well thanks to our Pollet Group XPRT Program.

Have you just graduated or are you at the very beginning of your career?

Then we go one step further through the Young Graduate XPRT Program.



We all have the urge to excel and to prove ourselves every day. People like the ambassadors of our Pollet Group XPRT Program motivate our current and future employees even more. Not only do we have a soft spot for sport in general, but they also excel in their field. They work hard in function of anultimate goal and show perseverance to do so. Such drive? That is what we like to associate ourselves with! We feel connected to the kind of entrepreneurship that comes with it.  Discover the story of Sol and the team of the Lead Out Acadamy. Two great causes that we support, link and sponsor with the Pollet Group XPRT Academy.

Sol Degrieck

Young Surf Talent

Wold Champion Windsurfing U20

Sol Degrieck, only 14 years old, is a U20 World windsurfing champion. U20 is the category for all participants below the age of 20. Sol is considered a major talent who can already compete with the adult professionals in her sport. We could not imagine a better young ambassador for our ‘Pollet Group XPRT Programme’. Follow Sol’s story here.

The Lead Out

Cycling Academy

A cycling club for the next generation of ‘Flandriens’

The Lead out cycling Academy brings together 170 talented young cyclists, women and men. Built on almost a century of tradition, the cycling team prepares today’s talents for tomorrow’s professional careers. Just as Pollet Group does with the future Water, Pool, Medical XPRTS through our academy. The ‘Pollet Group XPRT Programme’ is therefore proud to call itself a sponsor of this promising club.

Synchro Klub De Flamingo’s

(SKF) Zwevegem

A club for artistic swimming 

SKF has been a multi-time Belgian and European winner in artistic swimming for over 30 years, embodying a deep love for water and a focus on young talent. This mutual passion for water and training young XPRTS forms the basis of our partnership.


Are you enterprising, creative, curious, driven, young at heart, inspiring and just plain fun? Become part of our growing group and become a Water, Pool or Medical XPRT! Get in touch with our XPRT recruiter.