Meet Sol Degrieck! Sol is our 14-year-old windsurfing sensation and the World Champ U17/U20 of 2023! We are glad to announce our collaboration with Sol, a young talent making waves on a global scale. Just like us, she’s passionate about water and a true expert.

Embodying the spirit of our XPRT Program, Sol represents the adventurous essence we embrace. Therefore, we are happy to make her one of our young ambassadors of the ‘Pollet Group XPRT Program’. Like Sol in the global surf world, build a splashy career as a global Water, Pool, Medical XPRT.

The Chile World Cup, which ran from the first of April until the 12th of April 2024, kicked off with a splash as Sol Degrieck, our XPRT Program ambassador, took to the waves in Matanzas, Chile. Displaying skill and determination, Sol set a new standard for Junior Girls and left her mark in the Pro Women category.

In the uncrowded conditions of Matanzas, Sol showcased her prowess with powerful ‘bottom turns’, critical ‘lip hits’, and an impressive aerial manoeuvre. Her performance was outstanding, earning her the highest heat total of the day (12.90) and the top individual wave score (7.07), securing her victory in the junior girls category.

Reflecting on her experience, Sol shared, “It was good to sail without a lot of people. I got one really nice wave, and I was happy to pull off an aerial and quite a lot of turns on it. I loved sailing with the other young girls. I was having fun on the water, and that’s the most important thing.”

Due to her exceptional performance in the Junior Girls category, Sol also qualified in the Pro Women Category, where she ranked as the third best in the world. The most fascinating thing? Sol is only 14 years old, yet she’s already surfing with the absolute world’s best. To put it in perspective with popular sports, it’s akin to a 14-year-old tennis talent reaching the semifinals at Wimbledon.

As sponsors of Sol Degrieck, we at Pollet Group couldn’t be prouder of her achievements. Her dedication and passion exemplify the values we hold dear in our XPRT program.

She even made it to the national news. Read the (NL) articles here:


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