​Pollet Group bundles XPRTS in more than 17 countries. An estimated 32 nationalities operate under the Pollet Group within one of our 48 companies. You will find them spread across the Pollet Water Group, Pollet Pool Group, Pollet Medical Group or in 1 of our central Pollet Group services. We compiled for you some nice, inspiring testimonials.

Marie Verledens
Customer Service
PPG Belgium

I am a young graduate and after finishing my studies I joined Euraqua, one of the Pollet Water Group companies. In this position I supported the customer service, assisted in the planning department and was given the time to develop my skills. A nice experience that I really enjoyed doing. Check out my video testimonial on ‘Customer Serivce’ during that period. Recently I made the internal switch to PPG Belgium, one of our Belgian swimming pool companies. The experience I gained within customer service of Euraqua, the aspect that attracted me the most in my rookie year, I can now fully apply here. I support pool builders with day-to-day questions, provide them with maximum assistance and search for a suitable solution. I also support the sales team who are on the road every day to visit and assist customers.
The family atmosphere within PPG Belgium, and by extension the whole Pollet Group, is unique. You know everyone, you feel the commitment and together you go for it. Working within customer service also offers a lot of variety. You are sufficiently challenged to elaborate the best possible solution for your customers together with the enitre team. 


Celien Caveye
Pool Marketer
Pollet Group

As a Pool Marketeer, I am part of the central marketing department that supports our 48 companies with online and offline tools, campaigns & concepts. Together with the team I can help build brands, companies and products of our division Pollet Pool Group. My job is very diverse and brings together all aspects of marketing: developing campaigns, setting up a marketing plan, preparing briefings, … I feel like a radar in a larger network. Moreover, my world is very wide: today I am supporting one of the Belgian companies, tomorrow I am working for the UK, a little later the Netherlands will call with a marketing question. With the entire team we form a kind of internal advertising agency where we consider each sister company as a customer. We help them to make a difference. That’s something you feel and notice. A lot of feedback is exchanged and when we finally reach the target together, the appreciation is sincerely expressed. That gives energy to go for it every day!

Isabel Ricardo
General Manager
PWG Portugal

I started in 2021 as general manager at PWG Portugal, one of the companies that make up the Pollet Water Group division. The great thing about working at Pollet Water Group is the freedom you get. As a general manager, you are responsible for the entire ins and outs of your company. You run it like a good household. There’s a lot involved in that, but gives you the opportunity to make your mark and create a difference. At Pollet Group, there is a ‘bottom up’ and not a ‘top down’ mentality. The general manager gets the confidence to run the local business his or her way and is well supported by central services that provide power and impact.

Vincent Martin
Account Manager 
Euraqua Europe

In my role as account manager, I focus mainly on Eastern Europe. On a very regular basis, I travel abroad to visit customers and support them with advice on water treatment solutions. Obviously, I do not do this all by myself. For more than 20 years, I have been able to rely on a strong internal team of specialists who not only handle technical issues, but also relieve customers of all practical concerns on a daily basis.
What fascinates me most in this job is the special bond you build up with your business relations over the years. A good relationship is developed that goes beyond business. This way of working is really part of the DNA of our group. We pride ourselves on being a loyal and faithful partner. It creates a great mutual trust, which of course you cannot simply imitate or copy. Everything has to do with authenticity. That is how we really make a difference.


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