The Lead out cycling Academy brings together 170 talented young cyclists, women and men. Built on almost a century of tradition, the cycling team prepares today’s talents for tomorrow’s professional careers. In other words, there are a lot of similarities with the objectives of the Pollet Group Academy for our future Water, Pool, Medical XPRTS. The ‘Pollet Group XPRT Programme’ is therefore proud to call itself a sponsor of this promising club.

The beginning of the season is characterised by healthy tension, some uncertainty, … the first day of school feeling. For riders, parents and team members alike.

And the beauty of the sport is that every day and every week the evolution is visible and the working points are revealed. This is not a straight line, it is a falling down, getting up and moving on. Learning lessons and evolving.

And that is what The Lead Out Cycling Academy wants to do. Each category has different emphases, and with heart, the sportsman and sportswoman in each of us strives for the best possible outcome. But in essence, this is not what it should be about.

Not about the successful or unsuccessful result after a race weekend. But rather in the evolution of each of us. From the manager, to the employee, to the rider and the parent. About standing up after the hopefully figurative fall, about progression after the things we have learned, about development as athletes, as coaches and as a club. Together.

That’s what The Lead Out Cycling Academy stands for. That’s what we want to strive for. Giving everyone the chance to experience their favourite sport. To create the best possible framework for everyone to give themselves maximum development opportunities, within the possibilities of the club.

Good luck, together!


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