We can think of many reasons why Pollet Group is a good choice for your career. We posed the question to our XPRTs and compiled their answers into

8 Real reasons to
join Pollet group

Three XPRT

From water treatment solutions to pool products to medical care: we offer the same precision, the same quality, the same can-do, will-do drive, constantly innovating to help people squeeze every drop out of every day. Passionate about what we do, we all share the same single ambition to excel as trusted experts: Water, Pool, Medical XPRTS.


Atmosphere, collegiality, an open culture! Not only do we attach great importance to it, but it’s also just who we really are. No taboos, no long toes, no unnecessary hierarchies. We have a flat structure, equality for all and an environment where you can do full justice to your personality. Also that is the meaning of true XPRTS.

Market leaders
in our sectors

We are humble but proud market leaders. For more than 30 years, we have been building the Pollet Group to excel in water treatment, the swimming pool sector and the medical industry. Year after year, our group grows stronger thanks to the expertise and drive of our employees. That will-do, can-do mentality is the DNA you find in every Pollet Group company. Whether we treat water, build swimming pools or improve healthcare? It is that mindset that has made us the Pollet Group we are today.


We operate globally but are locally anchored. Each company has its own identity but is part of that bigger picture. Our Pollet Group companies are close to their local markets, representing the voice of their customers and quickly detect challenges and opportunities. The structure of our local teams leads to maximum involvement of every team member and an ‘everyone inclusive’ story. At the same time, central services such as IT, HR, Marketing, Finance and Legal, provide additional support. Local anchoring and the ‘Join to grow’ story create a global impact. It makes us resilient as Pollet Group.


Family values are the most solid foundations you can build on. It is about giving people trust and making them part of a true family culture. It is the DNA that has lived in our group since day one. It is a spirit that we guard very strongly, together with our 2,000 employees worldwide. Today, tomorrow and in all countries.


48 companies in 17 countries? That offers a lot of opportunities. We develop, produce and distribute. We work B2B and B2C. You will find our solutions in your home, in every industry, in hospitals and schools. Together, we think about your possible career path and fit you in based on your strengths. We give you room to grow, train and set your path towards a real Water, Pool or Medical XPRT.

at our core

Pollet Group promotes sustainability. This is the only way we can ensure positive change. We develop products that save energy and water and reduce our ecological footprint. Climate and social changes are not a stumbling block. We come up with solutions, challenge partners and motivate our employees to take on the challenges of tomorrow. We don’t do this overnight, but thanks to numerous initiatives. Under the motto ‘Small ripples, make a big wave’, all initiatives across the 50 Pollet Group companies were bundled in the programme ‘The Green Wave’. Find out all about it at greenwave.polletgroup.com


Not only do we make a difference, so do the partners, organisations or ambassadors we work with. Together, we are actively committed to making an impact: small or big changes. For instance, we support Doctors without Borders, sponsor young sports talents like Sol Degrieck, open our doors to inquisitive interns and job students, we donate blood via the Red Cross, etc.Our XPRTS love a challenge, keep learning, have ambition and excel! All this adds up to a whole bunch of real ‘KUDOOS’. We like to share them with you or even better: we pull you into the pool with us!


Are you enterprising, creative, curious, driven, young at heart, inspiring and just plain fun? Become part of our growing group and become a Water, Pool or Medical XPRT! Get in touch with our XPRT recruiter.